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    Error in Document Package Using Link from Rich Text Field

    When running a document package that incorporates a link from a rich text field,the link might not appear in the document and/or a non-specific error might occur.


    Option 1

    1. Turn on Keep Word Formulas on the DDP (You may need to add it to the layout).
    2. In your Word document you'll need to create a Bookmark. Click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard then follow this example: { SET "Link"<<Account_Id>> }
    3. To create a hyperlink, click where you would like the hyperlink to appear.
    4. Click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard then type HYPERLINK and open and close quotes: { HYPERLINK "" }
    5. Nest a REF inside of your HYPERLINK. Inside of the quotation marks click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard and insert the name of your bookmark in quotes: { HYPERLINK "{ REF "Link" }" }
    6. Update both the REF and Hyperlink and you should see a blue clickable link in Word.
    7. Save and Run.

    Option 2

    Verify that the link in the rich text field directs to the correct URL. Once the link is confirmed and working, follow the steps below to input the link within a rich text field or Document.

    Insert Hyperlink Merge field 
    1. Click Alt+F9.
    2. In the merge field insert the link to run the DDP. For example, {HYPERLINK "<<Account_Id>>&DDPids=a02U000005HV11&deplay=Id&autorun=true" \* MERGEFORMAT}
    3. Click Alt+F9.
    4. Highlight the syntax error, and type in the text.

    Option 3

    1. Insert Hyperlink Merge field. Have the tag look like: {HYPERLINK “Test Name”}
    2. Toggle Field (Alt+F9)
    3. Insert the hyperlink with field tag: "<<Opportunity_Id>>”
    Dynamic Link with Dynamic Display Text (Works in Replication)
    1. Insert hyperlink merge field, create a placeholder link and insert into the hyperlink field: ex: {HYPERLINK ""}
    2. Update field (F9).
    3. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), update display text ("" in this example)
      • Place text cursor in display text, add your display text (a field tag for dynamic display text), then remove extraneous text: "" -> "https://go<<my_field_tag>>" -> "<<my_field_tag>>"
    4. Update field (f9).
    5. Toggle Field Codes on (atl+f9), replace placeholder link with actual link with field tag. Note: Do NOT update field at this point.
    6. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), save file, upload, test.