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    Step 1: Get a Nintex Hawkeye trial

    Prepare for success

    Note: The email entered during the tenant setup becomes the first tenant administrator account.

    Set up your trial tenant

    Sign up for a trial

    Sign up for a trial to get a Nintex Hawkeye account (username and password). An account is required to register for a trial and to access the Explore tenant portal with sample data.

    At, select Nintex Hawkeye and complete the form.


    Nintex Hawkeye sends an email message with the subject line “Welcome to Nintex Hawkeye” to the provided email address. The message includes your Nintex Hawkeye username and password as shown.


    Use the Explore tenant

    The Explore Tenant is a testing area within Hawkeye that allows trial users to examine features and view sample Nintex data. On the home page, you can explore a diverse set of featured lenses. Each lens lets you generate dashboard views of specific business processes.


    These lenses are just the beginning and are intended to inspire you to request a Nintex Hawkeye trial tenant and create lenses that are customized to the exact business processes that you need.

    Create your organization tenant

    In the Explore tenant, click Request a trial tenant on the main toolbar, and follow the prompts.


    • Confirm that you are an administrator of a Nintex environment (required to set up a tenant).
    • Enter a name (organization name) for the trial tenant.
    • Select the region of the data center to store your tenant as shown.


    You will be asked to verify your tenant information before its creation, as currently only one tenant is allowed per organization.


    Finally, you will receive an email letting you know that your tenant has been created.


    Check for success

    • Do you have your own Nintex Hawkeye tenant configured?
    • Do you understand the difference between the Explore tenant and your organization tenant?
    • Was this article helpful?