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    Step 2: Set up your Nintex Hawkeye tenant

    Prepare for success

    • Required permissions: Tenant owner or administrator of the Nintex Hawkeye (organization) tenant.

    Note: If you only have access to the Explore tenant, use the instructions in Step 1: Get a Nintex Hawkeye trial to create your organization tenant.

    Administer Nintex Hawkeye

    Access the Nintex Hawkeye portal

    1. Navigate to
    2. Log in using your Nintex Hawkeye username and password.

    Example Nintex Hawkeye account:


    The portal provides the Explore tenant as well as your organization tenant.

    To access your organization tenant, click your name in the upper right corner and then select the tenant you want.



    Add tenant users and assign roles

    As a tenancy owner or administrator, you can grant users access to the portal based on their role.

    To add a user and assign a role

    1. In Nintex Hawkeye, click Tenant users on the navigation bar.

      The Tenant users page opens and displays the User details list.

    2. To add a user and assign a role, do the following:
      • Click Add user.
      • In the Add new user section, specify the user's name and email address.
      • In the Role drop-down list, select a role.

    3. Click Add.

      The name appears in the list.

      A "Welcome to Nintex Hawkeye" email notification is sent to the user with information to access the portal.


    User roles within Nintex Hawkeye

    Role assignment Required permission level Note

    Tenant owner

    Full control in the portal and tenant.

    This role can perform all tasks on the portal. Multiple tenant owners can exist within a tenant.


    Administrative access to the portal and tenant.

    This role connects the data sources, monitors data extractions for the organization, and adds tenant users to access the portal.


    Creates, updates, and deletes items on the portal.

    This role is responsible for creating and managing lenses for dashboard visualizations. To create a lens on the Lenses page, the user must be assigned to the Designer role.


    Read-only access to view lenses on the portal.

    This role can use the sample lenses and dashboards in the portal.

    Check for success

    • Did you successfully add a user to the Nintex Hawkeye tenant?
    • What is the difference between the designer and administrator roles?
    • Was this article helpful?