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    Nintex Knowledge Base

    Additional resources for Nintex Hawkeye

    Continue the Nintex journey

    Now that you know how to start utilizing Nintex Hawkeye to capture key metrics, let's take a quick look at the resources available for continuing your exploration and use of the Nintex platform.


    The Nintex Community


    Nintex product documentation

    If you want to dive into the documentation of Nintex Hawkeye, or any of the other offering on the Nintex platform, head over to our Product Documentation site for in depth information around specific actions, controls, and functionalities offered within Nintex.

    The Nintex Knowledge Base

    Having an issue with Workflow or Forms? Even Nintex isn't perfect, and sometime you might encounter an error message that you're not quite sure about. Thankfully, every time that our support team resolves an issue, they add the solution to our ever growing Knowledge Base which is open to everyone!

    The Nintex Learning Center 

    The Nintex Learning Center provides users with a self-service, on-demand learning environment to help users get the most out of the Nintex Platform. The Nintex Learning Center has a wealth of video-based courses and is constantly expanding with additional content.

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