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    Step 2: Roles and permissions within Nintex Workflow for Salesforce

    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permissions within Nintex Workflow Cloud to complete this step:

    Letting others use the app

    You have to grant users access to both the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app (or component) and the connected Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy. This access granting is done in two places: 

    When users from your organization launch the app, they are prompted to sign into the tenancy. To let others access the app, you will have to do all of the following: 

    • Grant users access to the app.

    • Create and distribute credentials for the tenancy.

    • Provide users the instructions for logging into the tenancy from the app.

    Tip: When you install and connect to a tenancy, you are automatically given access to the app (during install) and the tenancy (when you connect the app to the tenancy).

    To grant users access to the app (or component)

    1. In Lightning, click App Launcher (  ), and then click Nintex Workflow.
    2. Click the Nintex Workflow Configuration tab.
    3. Under Application Access, in Available Users, select the user name that you want, and then do one of the following.


    • To grant dashboard and other access, click the upper-most Add button (to the left of Application Users).


    The following message appears: "User access has been updated."

    The available user is added to the app. The user name now appears in the Application Users list and that user has access to the app.

    Tip: Filter the list of users to a profile by selecting that profile in Profile.

    To grant users access to the tenancy (required for app access)

    1. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, click Settings and then click User management.

      To access this page, your tenancy user must be assigned to the Administrator role. If you created a trial tenancy, you are assigned to this role.

    2. Click Add new.

    3. In the Add user section, specify an email address of the required domain by doing one of the following.

      • Manually type the full email address.

      • Select an email address that is already registered with Nintex: Type the domain to list existing email addresses and then select the email address you want.

        When you select a previously registered email address, the first and last names are pre-populated.

    4. For a new email address, enter the first and last names of the user.

    5. For role, select Designer or a role with higher permissions.

      The Designer role provides access to all functionality in the app. For more information about permissions in each role, see Manage Users in the Nintex Workflow Cloud Help.

    6. Click Add.

      The new user is added to the list of users on the page and a green checkmark appears to the left of the user's email address. The checkmark remains until the page is refreshed.

      If the added user is already registered with the tenancy, then the user receives a reference email message with a permanent link to the Nintex Workflow Cloudtenancy.

      If the added user is not yet registered with the tenancy, then the user receives an email message to create a password before receiving the reference email message with the permanent link.

      Note: Passwords must have at least 8 characters including at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters: a lower-case letter, an upper-case letter, a number, a special character (such as one of the following: !@#$%^&*).

      For more information about adding users in Nintex Workflow Cloud, see Manage Users in the Nintex Workflow Cloud Help.

    To sign into the tenancy from the app

    1. In Lightning, click App Launch (  ), and then click Nintex Workflow.

    2. Click the Nintex Workflow Configuration tab and navigate to Application Access.

    3. In Connect Nintex Workflow User, click Connect User.

      A popup window appears for you to authenticate.

    4. Type your Email and Password and click Sign In.

    Check for success

    • Where you able to grant additional users access to the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app?
    • What is the difference between the Designer and Developer roles within Nintex Workflow Cloud?
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