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    Step 1: Install Nintex For SharePoint 2016

    Prepare for success

    • If Nintex is already installed in your SharePoint environment, please skip to Step 2
    • The following Windows services must be running before installing Nintex:
      • SharePoint Administration
      • SharePoint Timer Service
    • The following SharePoint services must be running before installing Nintex:
      • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application
      • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service
    • We recommend that you use the SharePoint Install account to install Nintex

    Install Nintex for SharePoint 2016

    Installation guide

    You can find the full installation guide for Nintex for SharePoint 2016 on the Nintex product help site.

    Walkthrough video

    Below is a walkthrough video on how to install Nintex 2016 within your SharePoint environment:

    Database design guide

    While not required, we recommend reviewing the Nintex Database Design guide to get a full understanding of how the Nintex databases function and what configurations will help you optimize workflow performance within your SharePoint environment.

    Check for success 

    • Were you able to successfully install the Nintex solutions?
    • Were you able to activate the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms features at the Site Collection level?
    • Were you able to activate the Nintex Workflow features at the Site level?
    • Was this article helpful?