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    Step 7: Nintex Workflow Cloud inside Box

    Prepare for success

    • This step highlights how Nintex Workflow Cloud can be used with Box.
    • A Box account is needed to connect to and trigger workflows from within the Box application. 
    • You can create a Box Developer account to complete the steps below if desired. 

    Nintex Workflow Cloud for Box

    Nintex Workflow for Box allows people in your organization to automate and optimize their own content creation and collaboration processes—with Box at the center. Using this app, users with access to the Box account can select a file and run a workflow.

    For example, this animation illustrates starting an automated review process for a press release by running the related workflow right from Box.


    Add the app: Nintex Workflow for Box

    Once the app is added, you can select a file in Box, start a workflow for that file, and view workflow activity.

    1. In Box, click your profile icon on the upper right, and then click Apps.
    2. On the Applications page, type: Nintex Workflow for Box in the search box and press enter.
    3. Click Nintex Workflow for Box and then click Add.

      The Nintex Workflow app is now available for any file, under More Options > Integrations.



    Design a workflow for

    Make a workflow that you can start from a selected file in Box.

    To create a workflow for starting from Box

    1. Configure the workflow to show up in your Box account.
      1. In the workflow designer, click Start event to display its configuration dialog box.
      2. In Connector, select Box.
      3. In Event, select Nintex Workflow for Box.
      4. Under Configure the start event, in Connection, select your Box connection.

      5. In Show workflow in, use the folder browse icon () to select the folder path and then click Close to return to the workflow designer.

        Example: /Draft


        When you publish the the workflow, the workflow is available for files in the specified folder only. For example, the workflow is available for the file /Draft/acme-contract.docx but not the file /Draft/Archive/xyz-contract.docx. Files stored in subfolders under /Draft are not available to the workflow.

        When the workflow runs, Box passes the full file path to your workflow and stores it using the start event variable File path


        For example, if you run the workflow on the file acme-contract.docx in the Draft folder, then the workflow stores the full file path /Draft/acme-contract.docx in the start event variable File path

        Example: File path = /Draft/acme-contact.docx

    2. Finish configuring your workflow and publish it.
      1. Add actions to your workflow.

        For example, add the action Send an email to notify a team member of the workflow starting.

      2. To reference the file used to start the workflow during configuration of an action, insert the File path start event variable.

        For example, insert the variable into the message body of an email.


      3. When you're done designing the workflow, click Publish on the upper left.

        You can now access the workflow in Box.


    Access your workflow in Box

    Nintex Workflow for Box shows Nintex workflows for files in the specified folders of your Box account.

    To access your workflow in Box

    1. Make sure that your workflow is published, and that it contains the Nintex Workflow for Box start event, configured for the desired folder.

      BoxApp-startevent (1).png


    1. Log into Box and make sure the app Nintex Workflow for Box is added. 
    2. Navigate to the folder path specified in the workflow's start event.

      For example, navigate to the Draft folder (if you specified that folder in the start event).


    3. On the right of the file you want to use with the workflow, click  (More Options), click Integrations, and then click Nintex Workflow.

      BoxApp-MoreOptions-Integr-NW (1).png

      Box prompts you to approve the third-party request.

    4. If this is your first time using Nintex Workflow for Box (or if you recently cleared your browser cache), then the app prompts you for tenancy name and credentials.
      1. Type your tenancy name and then click Continue.

        For example, if your tenancy URL is, then type acme as your tenancy name.


        The Nintex sign-in page appears.

      2. Enter your Nintex Workflow Cloud credentials and then click Sign In.


      The Workflows page lists available workflows for the selected file. The example image shows a contract review workflow.


    5. To start a workflow, click Run workflow on the right.


      A message appears confirming that the workflow has started.

    6. To view all workflow activity for the selected file, click View all activities for this file.


      The Activities page lists all instances of all workflows ever run for this file. The example image shows a completed instance of the contract review process from 10:55 a.m.



    Check for success

    • Where you able to create a Nintex Workflow that can be started from within Box?
    • Where you able to start a Nintex Workflow from within Box?
    • Were you able to review the history of a workflow from within Box?
    • Was this article helpful?