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    Step 1: Accessing your trial tenant


    Prepare for success

    • You must use a work email for this step (a non-gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or email)
    • Understand that the email used to create the tenant will be the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant admin once the setup is complete

    Setting up your tenant

    After you fill out the trial form, Nintex provisions your tenant, and sends you two emails.

    The first email will ask you to create a password to access your tenant:    


    The second email will let you know what the URL is for your new Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant:



    First sign-in

    Use the URL (from the second email) to sign-in to your tenant with the password (that you created with the first email):





    Check for success

    • Do you have access to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant?
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