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    Step 2: Adding users and roles to your tenant


    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permission within Nintex Workflow Cloud to complete this step:
    • Perform this procedure with the account you used to create the tenant 

    Adding users to Nintex Workflow Cloud

    Accessing User Management

    To add new users to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant

    1. Click Settings (top right hand corner).


    1. Click User management.


    1. Click Add new, and then type the new user's email, first name, last name, and user role (we cover role below).



    User Roles reference

    • Participant
      • Run workflows from apps (Nintex Mobile, Box, Salesforce)
      • Complete tasks and fill in forms from Nintex Mobile app
    • Designer
      • All Participant permissions
      • Design workflows
    • Developer
      • All Designer permissions
      • Add custom connectors
    • Administrator
      • All Developer permissions
      • Manage users
      • Override tasks

    Check for success

    • Were you able to add a new user to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant?
    • Do you understand the difference between the Designer and Developer roles?
    • Was this article helpful?