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    Step 3: Adding connectors to your tenant

    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permission within Nintex Workflow Cloud to complete this step:
    • To add a Software as a service (SaaS) connection to Nintex Workflow Cloud you must have an account within the respective SaaS
      • Actions using a connection will execute with the permissions of the SaaS account provided in the initial connection

    Connecting to other services

    Part of the power of the Nintex Workflow Cloud is the fact that it can connect and interact with so many other SaaS providers, and to leverage this power you will need to add a connector out to the third party application.

    To connect to a SaaS service 

    1. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, click Dashboard (top menu).


    1. Click Connections (from the left hand menu).


    1. On Connections, click Add New.


    The Add a new new connection panel opens.

    1. From Connector, select a third party SaaS provider to connect to Nintex Workflow Cloud, give the connection a name, and then click Connect.


    For more information, find a full list of available connectors.

    1. Authenticate the connection.

      Connections typically prompt you to authenticate. Each SaaS might use a different screen for authentication. For example, you would need to click Allow for the Google connection pictured below. 


    And with that you've added your first connection to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant!


    Check for success

    • Were you able to connect to a SaaS provider?
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