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    Step 4: Setup default file storage location

    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permission within Nintex Workflow Cloud to complete this step:
    • You must have added one of the following SaaS providers to configure a default storage location:
      • Dropbox Business
      • Box
      • Citrix ShareFile
      • Google Drive
      • Microsoft OneDrive for Business

    Use files within Nintex Workflow Cloud

    Use the default file location to store files so that workflows can reference the files (for moves or other manipulations). Store files from start events or from task email responses.

    Access the Connection management page

    To access Connection managment

    1. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, click Settings (to the left of your user name). 


    1. Click Connection management (on the left).


    The Connection management page appears, listing the currently specified default location for this tenancy (if any). 

    Set the default file location

    When there is no default file location, the Add default location panel appears. 


    To set the default file location

    1. In Add default location, specify the following: 
      • Connector: specify the connector for this default file location. 
      • Connection: specify the connection for this default file location. 
      • Default storage location: specify a folder path where files should be saved. 
    2. Click Add. 


    Nintex Workflow Cloud saves your default file location.

    Check for success

    • Is there now a default storage location configured for the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant?
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