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    Step 6: Building a multi-step document approval workflow

    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permissions within Nintex Workflow Cloud to complete this step:
    • You need a connection to Box to complete this step
      • If you do not have a connection for Box, you can follow the instructions in Step 4 to add one

    {Template 3} Document approval


    {Template 3} Document Approval shows how to connect Nintex Workflow Cloud to other applications and create multiple reviewer approval process. The workflow supports the review of a document such as a contract or business proposal by two reviewers, and then moves the document into a Rework or Approved folder depending on the joint decision.

    A similar manual approval processes with more than one reviewer would be inconsistent as each document is handled in a slightly different manner. This results in lost time, missed opportunities and false starts.

    With an automated system based on this template, you can create a consistent process where each document is met with a best practice response. By adding a couple actions and connectors to you can quickly prototype of almost any document approval process.

    Basic workflow

    The workflow responds to a new document being added to a "Draft" folder by sending an approval request email to a series of reviewers, and moves the document to an "Approved" or "Rework" folder based on the reviewers’ responses.

    This workflow design supports negotiation between two reviewers by automatically shifting between paths depending on each reviewer’s decision:

    1. Starts when a new document is added to Box folder Draft.
    2. Sends email to Author: "Workflow is started."
    3. Sends request for approval to Reviewer A: 
      • Approval shifts to Reviewer B.
      • Rejection moves document to Rework folder, sends “Please Rework” email to Author, and ends.
    4. Sends request for approval to Reviewer B: 
      • Approval moves document to Approved folder, sends “Approved” email to Author, and ends.
      • Rejection shifts back to Reviewer A.

    Quick start

    1. Create a Box account with 3 folders: DraftRework and Approved.
    2. In Nintex Workflow Cloud create a Box connection to your account.
    3. Open the template and configure all of the Box actions with your Box connection:
      1. Start event: Box - New file
        • Set Path to /Draft
      2. Share file link: Initial location
      3. Move a file: to Rework
        • Set Source, Path to Start event variablePath
        • Set Destination, Path to /Rework
      4. Share file link: Rejected document
      5. Move a file: to Approved
        • Set Source, Path to Start event variable, Path
        • Set Destination, Path to /Approved
      6. Share file link: Rework document
      7. Share file link: Approved document
    4. Configure the Set a variable value: Email for originator and reviewers action with your email address.
    5. Select Publish from the toolbar to publish the workflow.
    6. Test the workflow: 
      • Copy a document into the Box folder /Draft/
      • Verify that you received the Originator: A review has started… and Reviewer A: Please review… emails
      • Reply to the ...Please review… emails with all combinations of approve or reject
      • Verify that the response emails are appropriate

    Video Walkthrough

    Check for success

    • Where you able to approve the document held within Box?
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