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    Step 4: Responsive vs. classic Nintex Forms

    Prepare for success

    • You must have at least the following permissions to complete this step:
      • Full Control on the List
      • Read on the Site
      • Read on the Site Collection

    For more information, see Understanding permission levels in SharePoint.

    Choosing a forms designer

    The Forms for Office 365 app makes it easy to start building beautiful custom forms for your SharePoint environment in minutes. When you enter the Forms for Office 365 app for the first time, you must chose a designer: 

    • Responsive Form
    • Classic Form. 


    Responsive Form  

    The new Responsive Forms Designer provides a modern look and feel and simplified drag and drop functionality. Drag your controls to the designer canvas and watch them dynamically resize, reshape, and no longer overlap (they occupy their own space). The Responsive Forms Designer reduces design time since you only need to design your form once to optimize for any device, form factor, and screen size.


    Classic Form

    The Classic Form Designer allows you to create pixel perfect custom forms, using custom CSS and JavaScript to style your form to a precise look and feel. You can extend the functionality of your controls beyond the out of the box configuration.


    You can learn more about using JavaScript by reading Nintex Forms and JavaScript basics.

    Check for success

    • Can you identify the different between the classic and responsive forms designers?
    • If you want to use custom JavaScript in your form, which designer should you use?
    • Was this article helpful?