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    How to expose Nintex Mobile through your firewall

    Status: Validated

    In this article we explain how Nintex Mobile communicates to a Nintex Forms for SharePoint installation. If your SharePoint environment is not accessible outside your private network and you want to enable external access for Nintex Mobile, please consider the following information when identifying the best approach for your organization e.g. tunneling access through your firewall or creating a VPN.
    Service Endpoints
    Nintex Forms for SharePoint ships with two service endpoints that can be used by Nintex Mobile.  The endpoints provide identical functionality, with only one difference: one endpoint has been designed to operate in a Forms-based Authentication (FBA) SharePoint environment.  For more information on enabling FBA support, please see the Nintex Mobile help files.

    The following table lists the different service endpoints:
    Friendly NameLocation
    Windows Authentication Servicehttps://{server}/_vti_bin/NintexFormsServices/NfMobileAppService.svc
    Forms Based Authentication Servicehttps://{server}/_vti_bin/NintexMobile/FBA/NfMobileFbaAppService.svc
    NOTE: Before you can use the FBA endpoint, you must ensure that you have already configured FBA in your SharePoint environment. 
    API Endpoints
    API endpoints are the individual calls made by Nintex Mobile through the service endpoint to send and receive data.
    The following table lists the API endpoints called by Nintex Mobile:
    Friendly NameLocationHTTP Method
    Get Formshttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/formsGET
    Get Form Definitionhttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/forms/{id}GET
    Get Taskshttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/tasksGET
    Get Tasks Attachmentshttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/tasks/attachmentsGET
    Get Task Definitionhttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/tasks/{id}GET
    Forms/Task Iconshttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/Resource{id}GET
    List Lookup Datahttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/RefData?id={id}GET
    People Picker Searchhttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/SearchEntities/{search}GET
    Form Submissionhttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}/forms/{id}POST
    Task Submissionhttps://{server}/{service-endpoint}task/{id}POST
    User Agent
    When Nintex Mobile communicates to your SharePoint environment, it uses the following user agent values:
    PlatformDevice TypeUser Agent
    Outside the documented endpoints that Nintex Mobile communications with, Nintex Mobile will make direct calls to external servers for the following controls:
    • Image
    • Page Viewer
    This behavior is by design and is a function of the controls.

    NOTE: In this article all we have prefixed all URLs with HTTPS.  While Nintex recommends that all communication between Nintex Mobile and your SharePoint environment occurs over a secure channel, it is not a requirement.
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