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    Managing User Accounts on Nintex Workflow Cloud Tenancy

    Status: Validated

    How to view, add, edit, and delete user accounts in a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy.

    Viewing User Accounts

    1. On the upper right of the dashboard (to the left of your user name), click Settings. The Tenancy information page appears, with options on the left.
    2. On the left, click User management.
    3. The User management page appears, listing all users on this tenancy. For each user, the page lists first name, last name, email address, and assigned roles.

    Adding New User Account

    1. Access the User management page: Click Settings and then click User management.
    2. Click Add new. The Add user section appears. 
    3. In the Add user section, specify an email address of the required domain by doing one of the following.
      • Manually type the full email address.
      • Select an email address that is already registered with Nintex. Type the domain to list existing email addresses and then select the desired email address. When selecting a previously registered email address, the first and last names are pre-populated.
    4. For a new email address, enter the first and last names.
    5. Select the check boxes for the roles to assign.
    6. Click Add.
    7. The new user account is added to the list of user accounts on the page and a green check mark appears to the left of the email address. The check mark remains until the page is refreshed.
    8. If the added user account is already registered with the tenancy, a reference email is sent with a permanent link to the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy.
    9. If the added user account is not yet registered with the tenancy, an email sent with instructions to create a password before receiving the reference email with the permanent link.

    Adding an Existing User Account

    1. Access the User management page: Click Settings, and then click User.
    2. On the right of the row for the desired user, click the ellipses (...).
    3. Select Edit.
    4. Under Roles, update role selections as needed, and then click Submit.

    Deleting a User Account

    1. Access the User management page: Click Settings, and then click User management.
    2. On the right of the row for the desired user, click the ellipses (...).
    3. Select Delete.
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