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    Adding Automatically-Incrementing Number to Document

    Status: Validated

    How to add a number to a document that increments automatically every time the document is run.
    1. Create a new custom number field on the object.
    2. Populate this field with the desired start number (ex. 1).
    3. Create an Excel template that pulls the number field into a cell (e.g. A1).
    4. Use Excel logic to increment the value by 1 in another cell (e.g. B1). For example, in cell B1 input: =A1+1
    5. Make sure both cells are formatted as number cells with no decimals.
    6. Give the logic cell (e.g. B1) a specific range name (e.g. addingone).
    7. Associate the Excel template with the Word template and change the page range of the Excel file from "1 / 100" to "0 / 0". This is the Excel-As-Middleware function. Make sure to specify the range of the middleware file to the range name (e.g. addingone).
    8. Create an Insert-Update that will update the value of the defined number field and use the range name created in step 6 (e.g. <<addingone>>).
    The range name (e.g. <<addingone>>) does have to be utilized in the Word document in order for it to populate on the output file name. An IF Field Code can be used in Word to evaluate the value to show nothing (e.g. { IF "<<addingone>>" = "" "" "" } ) to hide this field in the Word file. This can be placed anywhere in your Word document.

    The <<addingone>> tag can be used in the output file name as well.


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