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    Adding a Dynamic Drop-Down to List of Records with DocuSign Delivery

    Status: Validated

    How to add a dynamic drop-down, which can checked when filling out the form, to a list of child records with DocuSign delivery.
    1. Create Secure fields under the Recipient (as many there ever might need to be in Child Object). Each Secure field has to be created in a separate Group and numbering as per the Secure fields (for example dl.picklist.1. or  dl.picklist.2.).
    2. Insert Tag into the template from Field Tagger only for the 1st picklist and in  MS Word (Insert -> QuickParts -> Field ) change the number to AutoNum. This ensures that after the replication is done the number will rise with the number of records in the replicated list.
    3. Change the color of the tag to white because DocuSign tags from secure fields do not disappear after Running DDP’s, which will confuse the background text.
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