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    Connecting Box to LOOP Document Services

    Status: Validated

    How to connect Box to LOOP Document services.

    Installing 'Box for Salesforce': Package Links    

    Download and install the package into any organization:
    For a sandbox organization, download and install from the following location:

    Setting up 'Box for Salesforce', to connect with 'LOOP Document Services' 

    1. Navigate to the Salesforce tab 'Box Settings'.
    2. In the section 'Box Admin Settings', connect with the desired Box admin account by clicking 'BOX API Admin Login'.
    3. Enter the appropriate Box admin credentials and click 'Grant access to Box'.
    4. In the section 'Content Settings', enter the root folder name and click 'Create New Root Folder'.
    5. In the section 'Box User Setting', connect with Box by clicking 'To begin, Connect with your Company Box Account.'
    6. Enter the Box user credentials and click 'Grant access to Box'

    Connecting 'Box for Salesforce' to 'LOOP Document Services'

    1. Navigate to the Salesforce tab 'DDP Admin'.
    2. Click 'Configure Integration'
    3. Click 'New' and choose 'Box' from the type drop-down menu.
    4. Click 'Authorize'.
    5. Enter the Box admin credentials and click 'Grant access to Box'.


    • 'LOOP Document Services', Version Number: 9.90 or above
    • 'Box for Salesforce', Version Number: 3.48.5 or above
    • A Box admin account with at least one user
    • Users can be added to the admin account through the 'Admin Console' at
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