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    Error in Document Package Using image link from Formula Field

    Status: Validated

    When running a document package that incorporates a link from a formula field,the image is not appearing in the document.

    Option 1

    1. Turn on Keep Word Formulas on the DDP (You may need to add it to the layout).
    2. In your Word document you'll need to create a Bookmark. Click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard then follow this example: { SET "Link"<<Account_Id>> }
    3. To create a hyperlink, click where you would like the hyperlink to appear.
    4. Click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard then type HYPERLINK and open and close quotes: { HYPERLINK "" }
    5. Nest a REF inside of your HYPERLINK. Inside of the quotation marks click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard and insert the name of your bookmark in quotes: { HYPERLINK "{ REF "Link" }" }
    6. Update both the REF and Hyperlink and you should see a blue clickable link in Word.
    7. Save and Run.

    Option 2

    Verify that the link in the rich text field directs to the correct URL. Once the link is confirmed and working, follow the steps below to input the link within a rich text field or Document.

    Insert Hyperlink Merge field 
    1. Click Alt+F9.
    2. In the merge field insert the link to run the DDP. For example, {HYPERLINK "<<Account_Id>>&DDPids=a02U000005HV11&deplay=Id&autorun=true" \* MERGEFORMAT}
    3. Click Alt+F9.
    4. Highlight the syntax error, and type in the text.

    Option 3

    1. Insert Hyperlink Merge field. Have the tag look like: {HYPERLINK “Test Name”}
    2. Toggle Field (Alt+F9)
    3. Insert the hyperlink with field tag: "<<Opportunity_Id>>”
    Dynamic Link with Dynamic Display Text (Works in Replication)
    1. Insert hyperlink merge field, create a placeholder link and insert into the hyperlink field: ex: {HYPERLINK ""}
    2. Update field (F9).
    3. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), update display text ("" in this example)
      • Place text cursor in display text, add your display text (a field tag for dynamic display text), then remove extraneous text: "" -> "https://go<<my_field_tag>>" -> "<<my_field_tag>>"
    4. Update field (f9).
    5. Toggle Field Codes on (atl+f9), replace placeholder link with actual link with field tag. Note: Do NOT update field at this point.
    6. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), save file, upload, test.
    When identifying the link in the formula field, one thing to check would be the server instance that is referenced.
    For example, If the link is referencing NA1 and currently the environment is operating on NA12, then the image will not trigger.