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    Flattening PDF Files

    Status: Validated

    How to create a flattened PDF file from a document package.

    Step 1

    Create a PDF "Flattened" and "Flattened Basic" option.
    1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
    2. Locate Delivery Option >| PDF Option.
    3. Under Picklist Values, click New
    4. Type the word "Flattened".
    5. Check all checkboxes.
    6. Click save.
    7. Click "Change" next to Controlling Field.
    8. Double-Click "Flattened" under PDF, Separate PDFs, and PDF and Originals
    9. Save.
    Repeat this process, using "Flattened Basic" in step 4.

    Step 2

    The next step is to add the "PDF Options" field on your Delivery Option Page Layout(s).
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