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    Hyperlink Not Appearing in Generated Documents

    Status: Validated

    When trying to tag a Word document with a clickable link, the final output document does not contain link.
    1. Make sure the "Keep Word Formulas" checkbox is checked. Note: If the checkbox is not available, navigate to Edit Layout > Select Buttons > Keep Word Formulas > Drag and drop onto the Page Layout.
    2. In the Word document, create a Bookmark. Click Ctrl F9 on your keyboard then follow this example: { SET "Link"<<Account_Id>> } 
    3. Select the area where the Hyperlink will be placed.
    4. Insert a REF parameter inside the HYPERLINK.
    5. Inside the quotation marks press CTRL+F9 and insert the bookmark name.
    6. Update the REF and HYPERLINK and a blue clickable link will populate in the Word document. 
    Save and replace the template to run the Document package and view the results.
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