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    Insert an Image from a Formula Field to a PowerPoint Document

    Status: Validated

    How to return one specific image from a formula field which contains multiple images stored in Salesforce.
    In order to get the image from a formula field, first, the reference of the image needs to be a full public URL. (Example: instead of "/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0159E000000DE2L", replace it with "" in the formula options)

    To make the image dynamic, a sample image needs to be inserted into the PowerPoint template, and update the selection pane with the appropriate image tag from the field tagger.

    The size that you configure the sample image will be the size of the output image. It is recommend to make the same size as the original image that will be merged.

    Once the image is placed, you must rename the image name in the selection pane as such: <<tag__image>> (remember to add the "__image" after the tag name)

    Run the Document to confirm that the image is pulling through successfully.
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