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    Loop Document Services Support for Custom Fonts

    Status: Validated

    Does Loop Document Services have the ability to work with custom fonts that have multiple variations of text?
    Drawloop's LOOP Document Services can work with custom fonts. However, Drawloop cannot bypass any font restrictions that are set by the font designer.

    Types of Font Licensing
    • Fully Embeddable: These will embed in the document and install themselves on the target system if they do not already exist there.
    • Editable Embedding: The document is editable in the embedded font, but will not permanently install on the target system.
    • Print and Preview Only: The document will print with the correct font on the target system, but this is not editable and the font will not be installed.
    • Not Embeddable: The font stays on the original system and cannot be embedded in a document.
    For more information, see Embedding Fonts in a Document in WordTips.

    Google fonts is a good resource for fonts that are fully embeddable.
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