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    Send Test Does Not Work Using Require ID Check with DocuSign Demo

    Status: Validated

    When using DocuSign demo and creating a document package with "Require ID Check" selected, tests sent to the sender account will fail.
    This is a design limitation of the DocuSign demo.
    In demo, LexisNexis (LN) uses a much smaller pool of information, so a lot of times LN will not locate a signer based on this limited pool, and the ID check fails right away. Or, if LN finds the signer, but doesn't have enough information to generate questions, it fails.

    There are two fake users seeded into the LN test pool that you should use for testing:

    Henry Ssassafras
    6948 Shepherd
    Russelville, AR 72801

    Elaine Jjessamine
    1293 Birdnest
    Alhambra, CA 91803

    You should be able to use any date for DOB as long as it is in the correct date format: MM/DD/YYYY

    All questions presented to you will be fake. To test successful completion of the ID Check process, the last option - "none of the above" is the correct answer for all questions. If you want to test the fail process, choose something other than the last option of "none of the above."
    DocuSign ID Check (powered by LexisNexis Risk Solutions) in DocuSign Partner Directory
    ID Check Authentication in DocuSign Support Center
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