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    Unable to Migrate Document Packages from One Sandbox to Another

    Status: Validated

    When clicking the login button during the migration of Document Packages to a new environment, an error occurs.
    1. Click the "Disable Connected App" button on the DDP Admin page from both Orgs.
    2. Click the "Authorize IP Ranges" button on the DDP Admin page from both Orgs.
    3. In Setup > Network Access , add these IP range in both Orgs: &
    4. The Target Org User has been given "DDP Admin" permission set.
    5. In Setup > Session Settings, ensure "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated" and "Lock sessions to the domain in which they were first used" are unchecked.
    6. Ensure that the user account does NOT have a "Single sign-On" permission enabled for either Orgs.
    7. Setup > Connected Apps > Drawloop Document Generation > Permitted Users: Admin approved users are pre-authorized. Under Manage Profiles, add the applicable Profiles. IP Relaxation: Relax IP Restrictions

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