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    Using the File Import Feature

    Status: Validated

    How to use the Drawloop "import a file" feature.
    1. Open an Excel file containing your external data. All the data must live on the same sheet.
    2. Give the sheet a unique name (for example: Range1).
    3. Select the cells with the desired data and provide it with the same unique name as above (Range1).
    4. Attach the Excel file to the record you will be running from under the Notes & Attachments section.
    5. Open the DDP and check 'Allow Attachments'.
    6. Under Select Files, set the first drop-down to Other.
    7. Set the second drop-down to Miscellaneous.
    8. You will now see Import File in the document section. While the document in the middle grid is highlighted, drag the Import File to the very right grid.
    9. The Sheet/Range name for this file should be the same as step 1 and 2 (Range1).
    10. Ensure the file in the middle grid has the same rang e as a name of a sheet. 
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