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    Forms that are migrated with layouts that are not available in O365 create duplicates in the Nintex Mobile application

    Status: Validated

    If ShareGate is used to migrate Nntex Forms from on-premise to O365 that include layouts that do not exist in O365 duplicate forms will show in the Nintex Mobile app.
    The only way to remove these duplicates is to delete the form.
    If deleting the form using the Nintex Forms designer does not work then SharePoint designer should be used to delete the NFForm.xml file located in the item folder of the list.
    Nintex does not support the export of a form from on-premise to import in O365 and this is one of the reasons why.

    Forms with the "Nintex Mobile for (Specific Device)" are not available in Nintex Forms for O365 so these layouts will cause an issue when migrated with ShareGate.

    Removing these layouts before Migration may avoid this issue.
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