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    Unable to use the Save button in the Form ribbon bar. Error message in Web Browser developer tools shows "Uncaught TypeError: False is not a function"

    Status: Validated

    When clicking the Save button in the ribbon bar, in Nintex Forms for Office 365, the Form does not close and the data has not been submitted. 

    There is no error message on the page. 

    However, in the Web Browser Developer Tools (F12), the following error message is shown: 
    Uncaught TypeError: False is not a function 
    1. Open the control settings >Under the Validation section > Custom validation function (this only applies when custom validation has been set to Yes) 
    2. Verify that the value of the Custom validation function is a JavaScript function name for the client-side custom validation. 
    3. Ensure that the formula does not have a Type Boolean as a result.  
    4. Preform steps 1 and 2 on all of the controls available on the Form.
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