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    WorkflowContext - Current Item Url Hypelink is Broken in Email

    Status: Validated

    When using an email action such as Send email or Assign Flexi Task, and using {Workflow Context: Current Item Url} in the body of the email, the hyperlink is broken in the email sent to the recipients.

    Option 1

    Remove any spaces in the list name and run the workflow. 

    Option 2

    1.  Click on Insert link in the body of the email.
    2. Enter the URL { Workflow Content: Current Item Url}.
    3. Enter the hyperlink text  - "Hyper link text to be displayed in the email body".
    Depending on the email client, this might be displayed as a clickable hyperlink. If there is a space in the link, then it might be broken after the space, if the email client cannot handle the space. Outlook will try to resolve this text as a URL, but Outlook Web Access will display it as text and not a URL.
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