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    Scheduling Site Workflows In Nintex for Office 365

    Status: Validated

    How to schedule a Site Workflow within Nintex for Office 365.
    1. From Site Contents, access the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 app.
    2. Click on the ellipses (...) next to the desired workflow, and then click on Schedule.
    3. Click on Add Schedule and select the desired workflow run time.
    4. Configure when the workflow schedule should run, which time zone the scheduled workflow should be started in, how often it should reoccur.
    5. Optionally, add up to 4 more (for a total of 5) schedules to the workflow by clicking on Add schedule, which will add another schedule box.
    6. When finished configuring schedules, click Save.
    Note: The Nintex Workflow app will need to be granted elevated (app permissions) privileges in the desired site you would like to use this functionality on. Refer to the following instructions for enabling app permissions:
    1. Go to Site Settings.
    2. In the Site Actions section, select Manage site features.
    3. Locate the feature called Workflows can use app permissions, and then click Activate.

    Schedules can be disabled and schedule data will be retained for 90 days after the final execution. 
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