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    Set a workflow variable as hyperlink in the Nintex Task Form label

    Status: Validated

    How to set a workflow variable as a hyperlink in the label of Nintex Task Form for Office 365?
    1. Create a workflow variable with the data type Text.
    2. Drag and drop an action "Set Workflow Variable" and configure the workflow variable with the HTML script value. Here is the sample on how to configure of the value, the sample is a link to the Nintex website : <a href="" target="_blank">The text for the label</a> . It has to be full URL including https:// or http://.
    3. Drag and drop a Task action.
    4. Open the Nintex Task Form designer. 
    5. Drag and drop a Label control and open the Label control setting. 
    6. Insert the workflow variable into Label control.