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    Allow Adobe Flash Player for DocGen After Chrome 69 Update

    Status: Validated

    When navigating to a DocGen Package, you need to enable Adobe Flash Player to manage your documents even if you have enabled or approved flash previously. 
    Click the icon to enable Adobe Flash Player. 

    Due to a change in Chrome version 69, website preferences for allowing Flash to run are reset when you close your browser. You can override this setting by changing an experimental flag in Chrome, instructions below: 


    1. In your browser tab/window enter "chrome://flags" in the address bar and hit return/enter 

    1. At the top of the page search for "flash", the search results should return an option for "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" 

    1. Change the setting for the above option from "Default" to Enabled" 

    1. Relaunch your browser 
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