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    Docusign Status

    Status: Validated

    Docusign Status
    Created = The recipient is in a draft state. This is only associated with draft envelopes (envelopes with a Created status).

    Sent = The recipient has been sent an email notification that it is their turn to sign an envelope.

    Delivered = The recipient has viewed the document(s) in an envelope through the DocuSign signing website. This is not an email delivery of the documents in an envelope.

    Signed = The recipient has completed (signed) all required tags in an envelope. This is a temporary state during processing, after which the recipient is automatically moved to Completed.

    Declined = The recipient declined to sign the document(s) in the envelope.

    Completed = The recipient has completed their actions (signing or other required actions if not a signer) for an envelope.

    FaxPending = The recipient has finished signing and the system is waiting a fax attachment by the recipient before completing their signing step.

    AutoResponded = The recipient's email system auto-responded (bounced-back) to the email from Docusign. This status is used in the web console to inform sender about the bounced-back email. This is only used if "Send-on-behalf-of" is turned off for the account.
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