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    How to Create and Use a Dynamic Access Code when Sending Via DocuSign


    Adding the Access Code field to the Recipient Layout
    Setup > Create > Object > Recipient (make sure you choose the Drawloop/DocGen version) | Edit Layout | Add "Access Code" to the Layout
    To See the Access Code on the Recipient Record
    Go to your Recipient (Make sure that Allow Access Code is not checked)
    Grab the Recipient ID
    Go to Home
    Address should be entered as follows : ID/e?nooverride=1

    This will bring up the full Recipient record where you can put a tag (such as SSN Last 4 or other tag living on the Contact record) to dynamically fill in the Access Code field. 

    Additional Information

    • When sending an email to test this functionality, do not send the test email to the address that is connected to your DocuSign account otherwise the access code will not work
    • If the "Allow Access Code" box is checked on the recipient, it will override the dynamic code you are trying to use



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