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    How to filter Doc Gen packages using 2 fields

    Status: Validated

    Create a filter in a Doc Gen button using 2 fields.
    To create a filter in a Doc Gen button using 2 fields follow the next steps:
    • To create the button you can use the button wizard. Here you can add one field in the filter. In my case I am using the Stage field:
    User-added image
    • Once you have created the button, then you can edit it, and add the second field for the filter. It will be something like this: &filter={!opportunity.stageName}{!opportunity.country__c}:
    User-added image
    • Then save it and make it available in the layout.
    • We need now to add the values we are going to use for the fields  we enter in the filter within the Doc Gen button. We add these values in the field "Filter" within the Doc Gen Package. In my case I am going to use for the "Stage" field, the value "Closed Won", and for the "Country" field, the value, "UK":
    User-added image
    • If we click on the run button from one record matching these values, we just see this Doc Gen Package:
     User-added image
    • In the Doc Gen visualforce page, we will just see the Doc Gen Package matching the values:
    User-added image