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    Lightning Component Error

    Status: Validated


    Error on Record Page due to DocGen Lightning Component

    Issue: Users experience an error in Lightning when they land on a page with the Nintex DocGen Lightning Component. (similar to below photo) and/or a pop-up box displaying "Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null] 
    Callback failed: apex://Loop.ProcessDdpController/ACTION$fetchInit
    User-added image
    Explanation: This occurs when a user that is not seated on the Nintex DocGen License lands on a Lightning page that has the DocGen component on its layout. (this is a known issue and we are currently working on a fix)
    Steps to resolve: (until a fix is in place)
    Option 1. If a user needs to access the DocGen component, add the user to the license.
    • From the DocGen Admin tab, select Users from the column on the left.
    • Select User Permissions
    • Select the User from the list of Available Users and add them to the appropriate location based on permissions needed (Admin or User)
    • Save
    Option 2. If a user does not need access to the DocGen component.
    • On the page this is error is occurring > Select the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner
    • Click on the Nintex DocGen Component  (You will see a column appear on the right hand side)
    • Under Set Component Visibility click the button + Add Filter
    User-added image
    User-added image
    • A pop-up will appear > Select the Advanced button under filter type > Then click the Select button under Field
    User-added image

    You are able to filter by Record or User (for this example we will use User)
    User-added image
    Another picklist will appear, this is where you will be able to narrow it down further. (for this example we are using Username)
    User-added image
    • Click Done
    • Another pop-up box will appear > Select your Operator then insert your Value and click Done
    User-added image
    • Save your changes
    If configured correctly, your User will not see the error or the DocGen component.
    ** Please note these changes are not required but make it easier on the user. The user will be able to click out (X) of the pop-up box that appears and will be able to continue working on the page if no changes are made. **

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