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    Dynamically Tagging Document Saved in Notes and Attachments

    Status: Not Validated

    How to dynamically tag a document saved in Notes and Attachments with PDF stamp.
    1. On the object where the file is saved in Notes and Attachments create a Document package.
    2. In the Document package create a PDF stamp.
    3. In the PDF stamp in the 'Stamp text' include the dynamic tag from field tagger and change the brackets from << >> to [[ ]] as per Help text.
    4. Utilize Vertical offset, Horizontal offset and Pages to specify where the text should be located in the file.​
    5. Specify Font, Style and Font size to match the desired design.
    • The generated file has to always have the same number of pages so that the attachment is stamped properly
    • DDP delivery has to be set up with Document output type PDF