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    #Value! returned from userProfileLookup runtime function

    Status: Pending Clean Up

    Using the Formula UserProfileLookup runtime function in Nintex Form calculated value control is not working as expected.

    Example UserProfileLookup(Email, "Department") where Email is a named control passing through Current User (email).
    The calculated value control will show #VALUE! instead of the user's department.

    This is mostly related to a browser cache issue, clearing the browser cache should resolve this by forcing  it to download our most up to date code when opening the Form.

    Returns the specified SharePoint Online user profile property for the specified user. The profile property is identified by internal name while the user is identified by UPN (User Principal Name; usually the same as the user's email address).

    Common internal names of user profile properties: "FirstName", "LastName","HomePhone", "Manager", "Office", "PreferredName", "WorkEmail". Example of valid email address: "".

    To specify an email address, either insert the reference Common > Current User (Email) or pass the appropriate substring from a People control (trim "i:0#.f|membership|" from the returned value).

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