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    Error "Something Went Wrong" When Opening Form With Lookup

    Status: Validated

    When opening an item with a Nintex Form that has either a Lookup control, or a People Group control, the following error might occur:  

    Something went wrong.

    Option 1

    Grant the user permissions to the list that the lookup column on the form is attempting to pull data from.

    Option 2

    1. Navigate to Site Settings > People and Groups.
    2. Select the associated group being referenced in the People/Group control.
    3. Select Settings > Group Settings.
    4. Update 'Who can view the membership of the group?' from 'Group Members' to 'Everyone'.
    One of two issues has occurred:
    1. The user account opening the form does not have permissions on the list to which the Lookup control is bound.
    2. The People/Group control is connected to a group that is not visible to user accounts outside of the group.