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    External (Live) Forms submitted data fails to populate in the target List

    Status: Validated

    When using Nintex Externla (Live) Forms, some users are submitting data via the form but it is not making it into the associated list.

    This issue was addressed and fixed in Nintex Forms January 2018 Release.
    update Nintex Forms for SharePoint to the latest release to overcome this issue.
    This behavior is related to an issue that is caused by the Live forms being submitted from a different time zone to the SharePoint Server time zone.

    Additional steps to troubleshoot:
    1. Go to Central Administration > Nintex Administration > Health Checks under Support and Troubleshooting and verify all tests come back with "Success"
    2. In Central administration go to Security > Manage trust > Verify the following certificates are installed and not expired:
     "Baltimore CyberTrust Root.crt"
     "GTECyberTrust Global Root.cer"
     "Microsoft Secure Server Authority.cer"
     "Thawte Primary Root CA.cer"
     "Thawte SSLCA.cer"
     "Thawte SSL CA_SHA2.cer"
    3. Run Services.msc and verify the following services are running, ensuring they are using a service account and not a Local System account:
     "Nintex External Relay Service" (restart if it is running)
     "Nintex Connector Workflow Queue Service" (restart if it is running) 

    4. Perform an IIS reset
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