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    License Version Does Not Update After Nintex Forms Upgrade

    Status: Validated

    After upgrading Nintex for SharePoint 2016 to version, the license version for Nintex Forms does not update to reflect the correct version number. The license version for Nintex Workflow updates as expected.
    1. In Central Administration, navigate to Nintex Administration.
    2. Retract all the solutions in the following order, waiting for every solution to be completed successfully:
    • NintexCommon.wsp
    • NintexForms2016.wsp
    • NintexForms2016Core.wsp
    • NintexExternalConnection.wsp
    • NintexWorkflow2016.wsp
    • NintexWorkflow2016Core.wsp
    • NintexWorkflow2016EnterpriseFeatures.wsp    
    1. Run the installer again.
    2. Manually export the solutions. For more information, see Manual Installation of Nintex Workflow Solutions.
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