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    Validation And Expression Operators For Nintex Forms

    Status: Validated

    What do the validation rule expressions mean within the Nintex Forms designer?

    == : equal to

    === : exactly equal to (value and type)

    != : not equal

    !== : not equal (neither value or type)

    > : greater than

    < : less than

    >= : greater than or equal to

    <= : less than or equal to

    && : and

    | | : or

    ! : not

    Use the {Self} variable (available in the Named Controls tab in the Formula Builder) to reference the value in an associated control within the condition.

    If comparing two date controls you can (DateControl1 <= DateControl2) this is to mean that DateControl1 must be greater in order to be valid and allow submit.
    When using rules with the Nintex Mobile application use runtime functions such as equals() and() or() not() as the above operators will not work. 
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