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    Mobile tasks not appearing

    The tasks do not show up for any user accessing the Mobile enabled sites.

    1. Go to your SQL Server and launch SQL Management Studio.
    2. Export the existing GetTaskDataForUser Stored Procedure to a .SQL script.
    3. Open the file in Notepad and locate two instances of the following string:
      • OR (ha.ExitTime != '9999-12-31
    4. Correct both instances of this string to the following:
      • OR (ha.ExitTime != '9999-31-12
    5. Locate the following string:
      • CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetTaskDataForUser]
    6. Update this string to this:
      • ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetTaskDataForUser]
    7. Save the script and execute this in SQL Management Studio to update the Stored Procedure.


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