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    "Error retrieving config xml for activity..." when opening a workflow

    Status: Validated

    When opening a workflow, the following error might occur:

    Error retrieving config xml for activity...
    Update the Workflow definition manually:
    1. Open SharePoint Designer (SPD - if you don’t have it, it’s a free download), open the “NintexWorkflows” folder, open the relevant workflow folder.
    2. Checkout the xoml, config and rules (if one exists) files for the broken workflow.
    3. Open each file as text, copy out to a new notepad file on the file system, giving each file the same name.
    4. Open the xoml file in Notepad.
    5. Locate the elements that are related to “Switch”.
    6. Locate the Enabled="False" attribute.
    7. Change this to Enabled="True" and save the file.
    8. Copy all files back over the top of the checked out files in SPD.
    9. Check in, creating a minor version.
    10. Return to SharePoint and load the workflow in the designer.
      This is caused by a disabled action failing to register correctly in the Workflow xoml.
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