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    Error "Login failed for user" in SQL After Deleting Content Database

    Status: Validated

    After deleting the Nintex Content database, mapping for the content database still remains in Central Administration and errors similar to the following occur in SQL:

    Login failed for user 'XXXXX\YYYYYY'. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database 'Server Name\Path/ Database Name'. [CLIENT: IP Address]
    Before performing the below actions create a backup of the SQL database
    1. In the SQL instance that contains the content database, expand the Databases folder.
    2. Expand the Nintex config database (Often Called NW20XXDB).
    3. Right-click on dbo.databases and click "Edit Top 200 Rows".
    4. Delete the entry for the deleted Nintex content database.
    5. Log on to a SharePoint Web Font End server and perform an IIS reset.
    This method can be used for 2010 and 2013.

    NWAdmin.exe -o DetachDatabase command does not work since the database has already been deleted
    To correctly delete Nintex content databases use the NWAmin tool. Below are links to documents on how to use the tool:
    NWAdmin Operations - Nintex Workflow 2013
    NWAdmin Operations - Nintex Workflow 2010