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    Error "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened" in Microsoft Word

    Status: Validated

    When opening downloaded DocuSign document in Microsoft Word the following error occurs: 

    We're Sorry. We can't open <file name>.docx because we found a problem with the contents.
    The file is corrupt and cannot be opened
    The Download DocuSign Document action should be configured with the "Save PDF document as" set to "URL" and given the .pdf file extension when retrieving the document.
    • The file type for files downloaded using the DocuSign Download Document action is .pdf
    • A common cause of this error is uploading a .docx or .txt document to DocuSign, waiting for it to be signed and then downloading the document using the option to overwrite the current item.
    • For other file types and programs, this error may appear differently.  For .txt files the file will open and the data will appear corrupted.