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    How to retract and remove Gac files for Nintex Workflow and Nintex forms solutions for Sharepoint 2013

    Status: Validated

    How to do a clean install  of Nintex Solutions after a failed installation. 

    Also Applies for : Nintex Workflow 2010 , Nintex Worklfow 2016
    • Go to Services.msc » Stop these services on all servers where it is running.
      1. Nintex Live Relay Service
      2. Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service
      3. Nintex Workflow Start Service
    • In Cent. Admin, retract all Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms solutions in the following order, waiting for each one to retract before moving to the next:
      1. nintexworkflow2013enterprisefeaturesbackwardscompat.wsp (Used if you have any sites running in 2010 mode, Retracts from each web app, then Central Admin web app).
      2. nintexworkflow2013backwardscompatibilityui.wsp (Retracted globally, used if you have any sites running in 2010 mode).
      3. nintexworkflow2013enterprisefeatures.wsp (First all web apps, then Central Admin App)
      4. nintexworfklow2013.wsp (First all web apps, then Central Admin App)
      5. nintexworkflow2013core.wsp (Retracted globally).
      6. nintexforms2013backwardscompatibilityui.wsp
      7. nintexforms2013.wsp
      8. nintexforms2013core.wsp
      9. nintexlivecore.wsp
      10. Nintexcommon.wsp(Retracted globally)
    • ​Remove all retracted Nintex Workflow Solutions and Forms Solutions .
    • Delete all Nintex Workflow and Forms assemblies from GAC_MSIL on all servers: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL
    • Run the installer with the correct User account as Administrator. Refer to page 9 of Installing Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013 to ensure the correct permissions are deployed.  
    • Go to Cent. Admin > System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions and verify that the following solutions have been deployed. If deploying manually, this is the deployment order
    1. nintexcommon.wsp (deployed globally)
    2. nintexworkflow2013core.wsp (Deployed globally) 
    3. nintexworfklow2013.wsp (First deploy to your Central Admin, then the rest of the web apps) 
    4. nintexworkflow2013enterprisefeatures.wsp (First deploy to your Central Admin, if you have enterprise edition of Nintex Workflow, then the rest of the web apps) 
    5. nintexworkflow2013enterprisefeaturesbackwardscompat.wsp (If you have any sites running in 2010 mode, deploy to those web apps, otherwise skip) 
    6. nintexworkflow2013backwardscompatibilityui.wsp (If you have any sites running in 2010 mode, deploy to those web apps, otherwise skip) 
    7. nintexforms2013core.wsp
    8. nintexforms2013.wsp
    9. nintexforms2013backwardscompatibilityui.wsp
    10. nintexlivecore.wsp  
    • If you are upgrading to a latest build please do the following:
      1. SP Cent. Admin » Quick Launch menu » click Nintex Workflow Management.
      2. Click Database Setup.
      3. If a database update is available, it will be indicated in green with an option to “Update now”.
      4. Click Update now.


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