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    Mechanism for Updating web.config in a Farm

    Status: Validated

    How does Nintex Workflows update the web.config file in a farm?
    Nintex leverages a SharePoint mechanism called “SPWebConfigModification” for web.config modification, which is the recommended method by Microsoft. For more information, see How to: Add and Remove Web.config Setting Programatically in Microsoft Developer Network.

    Nintex uses the provided “SPWebConfigModification” within the scope of “SPWebApplication”, so that the changes are only applied to Web Front end servers or those running the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service. Then “ApplyWebConfigModifications” is called to apply the changes into the web.config file.

    This will also sync the updated web.config file changes across the farm; this syncronisation is handled by Sharepoint under the method “ApplyWebConfigModifications” and is beyond the visibility of the Nintex workflow product.