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    Nintex Knowledge Base

    Nintex Live For SharePoint Configuration Information

    Status: Work in Progress

    What are the ports and IP addresses of the Live services that are needed to be white-listed to utilize Nintex Live for SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016?
    NOTE: This information is up to date as of 12/29/2017. As Nintex Live is hosted within Azure, the IP addresses below are subject to change. 

    Ports that are needed to be open: 80,443, 5671, 5672, and 9351 

    Address endpoints to whitelist: ( ( ( ( (to connect to Connection Manager) ( (to connect to the Start Workflow API for External Start) ( (to connect to External Start) ( 
    Running the following commands via SharePoint Management Shell on the server hosting Central Administration will ensure that all of the Live components are pushed to the SharePoint environment: 

    - Install-LiveService 
    - Install-NWLService 
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