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    Rebuilding a Workflow from Files Within the NintexWorkflows Folder

    Status: Validated

    How to rebuild an .NWF workflow file from the xoml files within the NintexWorkflows folder.
    1. Export the XML files of the old workflow from the NintexWorkflows folder.
    2. Create a new Nintex Workflow and publish it. This workflow can have just one action as this will simply function as placeholder.
    3. Within the NintexWorkflows folder, open the folder of the workflow that was just created.
    4. Select "View Properties" of one of the xml files.
    5. Copy this information to a notepad file, as the GUIDs will be needed in the following steps.
    6. Upload the "old" workflow's XML files into the "new" workflow's folder, filling in the required Properties fields with the GUIDs from the "new" workflow file.
    7. Once all of the workflow XML files have been uploaded, delete the XML files of the "placeholder" workflow. The only XML files within the workflow folder should now be the ones from the migrated workflow.
    8. Edit the XML files within the folder and update the workflow name to match the name of the folder.
      • In order for the files to load correctly in the desigher, they need to match the folder name.
      • When the files are checked in, they must be checked in as a major version.
    9. Return to the list and select Manage Workflows with Nintex Workflow from the ribbon.
    10. The restored workflow definition will now exist under the placeholder workflow name
    11. The workflow can then be renamed to its original name.
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